YMCA Level 4 Certificate in Delivering Physical Activity for Individuals with Mental Health Conditions

In the context of an increasing understanding of the relationship between exercise and physical activity and clinical benefits for mental health, this qualification aims to provide advanced exercise instructors with the skills and knowledge to work with patients and mental health professionals in the design, delivery and evaluation of safe and effective physical activity programmes.

The qualification is an important step towards developing the confidence of mental health professionals regarding the expertise and integrity of exercise professionals in the development of collaborative and holistic treatment programmes for mental health conditions that include exercise and physical activity.

Learners will cover:
Knowledge and understanding relating to the qualification:
• Understand key mental health conditions

• Understand the relationships between mental health, society and lifestyle

• Understand legislation and government policy relating to mental health

• Understand the role of national organisations relating to mental health

• Understand roles and boundaries of the people involved in programming physical activity for individuals with mental health conditions

• Understand how to motivate and support individuals with mental health conditions

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